Thursday, October 19, 2017

morning thoughts...

We wish you all a very Happy Diwali and season greetings

Mega move and surprise ahead for the markets , golden opportunity to create huge wealth in nifty , bank nifty , futures
Options ready for 5-7 times move

Diwali picks...

Buy mrpl , berger paints , federal bank , tata chemicals , tata motors for your portfolio

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

morning thoughts...

We wish you all a very happy and prosperous Deepawali

Sharp and big deceptive move again after diwali as mercury and jupiter debiliates

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets remained strong and continued to trade above 30 dema in last session and may continue to do so in the coming session with volatility and consolidation with supports of nifty at 10150 and bank nifty at 24450 and resistance at 10300 and 24850 respectively
The markets may be range bound with bouts of out performance in individual stocks and sectors with strength in IT , pharma and auto sector
The sudden jump of pcr and fall of vix will keep the markets in a range which will change course from and after 3 sessions from today which may again be very steep , quick and deceptive
The commodity markets will remain positive with buy in bullions , base metals and energy

Buy nifty and bank nifty on dips to supports
Buy tata chemicals 720 ca
Buy niit tech , bharti airtel
Buy beml 1800 ca
Buy gold , silver ,crude , copper

Monday, October 16, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets yet again obliged and our nifty and bank nifty targets zooms , now awaits pivot 61.8% retracement levels soon.
Markets on a verge of mega mega move - get ready again

Nifty 8850 or 11000..?

All our options have outperformed with moving 3-10 times

Tcs 2500 ca triples
Tata steel 700 ca turns 5 times
Bharti airtel 420 ca turns 7 times
Nifty 10000 ce triples
Bank nifty 24600 ce triples
Dabur 320 ca doubles
Jindal steel 160 ca triples

Another set of move is coming in very sharp mode , options will yet again create maximum wealth along with index and futures

Take advance positions

Friday, October 13, 2017

morning thoughts...

Markets near to our targets

Now see the Magic soon trap and sharp move

Mega opportunity nifty 8859 or 11000..?

All options ready to create mega wealth

Thursday, October 12, 2017

morning thoughts...

Once again markets obliges as we said index achieves are logical targets and a trap ahead again

Just see the biggest sharpest move in nifty bank nifty options futures soon

Nifty 8322 or 11000...?

New set of options ready for huge wealth creation

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

morning thoughts...

As said and expected the markets climbed and achieved our logigal targets on nifty and bank nifty and will attempt 10100 and 24500 respectively on nifty and bank nifty
The markets being in a range is helping individual stocks to out perform and same pattern will continue in the coming session through out the day
The supports and resistances for the markets remains the same with shift of focus on different sector oil and gas , telecom will out perform in the coming sessions
Commodity looks positive with buy on bullions , base metals and energy

Diamond option buy 10 lots bharti airtel 400 ca
Diamond option buy 10 lots srf 1800 ca
Convert series buy Igl 1500 ca
Futures buy niit tech , sun tv , tata global
Buy nifty and bank nifty on dips
Cash jackpot buy strtech , adani transmission , ghcl
Buy gold , silver , crude , zinc , copper

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets continued to remain volatile and subdued throughout the day with a range bound index trade, however ample opportunities were visible in stock specific and the same pattern is likely to continue in the coming session with a probable two side move.
Technically the markets have seen a good pull back from lower levels and is showing signs of consolidation with resistance at 10050 on nifty front and 24500 on bank nifty from where profit booking may emerge and supports exists at 9850 and 23800 respectively , cnx IT is also gaining strength and may out perform in the coming sessions.
There has been no change in oi addition of calls and puts at strikes of 10000 and 9800 and ecr remains at 1.9 of pivot with retracement levels of 57%
Commodities to remain subdued with pressure in bullions with lower buying in base metals and energy

Mega jackpot diwali yields in tonnns - get ready for next

Friday, October 6, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets as said and expected continues to exhibit strength and coming session is likely to follow the same pattern , last week we have clearly intimated that the pattern of sell on rise in every morning expecting the give up of gains may not work in the next few sessions and markets have obliged perfectly with the markets gaining strength from the very next day and trapping shorts with with higher highs and lower lows formation
Technically the markets may swing in a range but stock specific activities will be high and exhibit strength and some profit booking and reaction is not ruled out at 9975 levels on nifty front and 24250 on bank nifty , crossing subsidely may see more short covering ontraught
We have also indicated how social media and channels change thier views and direction every single day and mislead traders and investors and every dip is an oppurtunity for long term traders , we have also categorised the move into short term trend pivot for traders and oppurtunity for long term investors.
The pivot inclination and pcv , mcr rotates at 75 , will it twist and trap longs..? or will rally sharply , a major surprise lays ahead
Commodity markets remains rangebound with sell on bullions and buy on base metals and energy

Buy tata steel 680 ca
Buy gail 440 ca
Buy jubilant 1500 ca
Buy muthoot finance , hindalco
Buy nifty and bank nifty
Sell gold , silver
Buy crude , copper

Thursday, October 5, 2017

morning thoughts...

Markets in exact pattern as illustrated

Now count down begins for the 2nd sharp move and trap

Nifty 8980 or 10900..?

Sharp moves in futures and options

Time ripe to take advance positions in nifty , bank nifty , futures

Diamond options 3 picks at premium 15000 for targets 1 lac very soon

Thursday wealth gains

Buy Aurobindo pharma 740 ca
Buy glenmark 600 ca
Our jackpot Diwali equity natco pharma and gnfc still remains hold 
Futures buy yes bank , mrpl , muthoot finance
Buy nifty and bank nifty
Sell gold , silver , crude
Buy copper , lead

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

morning thoughts...

We said that the same strategy of selling highs will not work and the same pattern happened and markets rallied trapping shorts at lower levels from the exact cushion levels mentioned.
Now we move into an important event of monetary policy and the markets will remain volatile with individual stock movements which are still exhibiting strength.
New sectors and stocks will now emerge as theme for the markets and ample oppurtunities lays ahead for persistent and consistent wealth creation
The october series is again an important series with datas front which has been seen bcr , bcc and pivot of 80 to 85 always in past 10 years now it stands at 83 , last time we indicated the same in september and the markets cracked the next day , the markets are heading ahead for a huge surprise and trap between pivot 86- 90 which will be very sharp again
On the lower side 9700 acts as supports for markets with viable resistance at 9900 - 9950 on nifty front with bank nifty having supports at 23900 and resistance at 24500 levels
Multiple call writers have emerged at 9900 - 10000 levels with 48 lac shares in oi with put addition of 45 lac shares at 9800 and 9700 levels
Jupiter mars and mercury changes house in next 24 hours with a tail incline on friday last week 
Commodities will remain range bound with pressure in bullions and energy with buying in base metals

Diwali bumper jackpot buy Natco pharma and gnfc
Buy havells 500 ca
Buy pc jewellers 360 ca
Buy dabur 320 ca
Buy nifty and bank nifty 
Fo buy aurobindo pharma , hpcl
Sell gold , silver , crude
Buy zinc , lead 

Friday, September 29, 2017

morning thoughts...

The September series now comes to an end with reversing the trend of last 10 years of positive returns and it was well informed in advance via many posts about the pcr , mcv , ocr of sep moving to 39 against 35 of previous which is unusual and clear indication of sharp fall and deception, well the markets behaved exactly and from the very next day saw the much anticipated and steep fall of 4-5% the difference of pcr mcv ocr 39-35.
Technically now we move into a new series with 3 different scenarios , long built up , long unwinding , short built up with a fall in rollovers and rise in vix index
The dollar index has cooled a bit and the markets now stands at cushion levels and supports and an intermediate bounce to 9900 is not ruled out with more strength in bank nifty , however it will have to sustain above 9900 and 9931 for more rally ahead which is also a resistance levels for the markets , bank nifty requires sustained trading above 24333 for 30-45 mins to maintain strength .
Now the trend and trades on index will be of two types , short trend position and trend reversal pivot trade based on swing trades for medium term
Immediate short term , we have witnessed from past few days a sell on rise and every upside has been sold off , this strategy may not work in next few sessions and markets may swing wildly.
For short term day trading the range remains narrow and requires pivotal moment for shorts and longs with crucial supports and resistances mentioned.
For positional swing trading the larger picture and move is on frame and intact.
The volatility and swing has provided ample opportunity for investors and traders and being with good quality stocks is always rewarding , requires patience and perseverance.
The social media or news donot categorise or presents the exact picture as always and changes direction every one hour, for eg 1 week before L&t was as a buy at 1250 for targets 1400 and 1500 since it has crossed and broken 2 years multiple highs and resistances (as per news) , now at 1150 its not a buy and story has reversed citing 900 odd levels ( as per news) , same with all stocks , so its really funny how the view changes in 1-2 days with exactly opposite targets, so one must stay away from news channels and media as they are in dark , naturally thier views will again reverse as soon as they see green and uptick.
For investors a correction and dip is always an opportunity for long term , for positional and swing traders trend is important along with stoplosses as volatility remains high
We would continue with our strategy in nifty and bank nifty and would accumulate options , call and put as per opportunity with swing trades in futures.
Coming to commodity markets , the range bound and subdued trades continues and will be viable to buy base metals , energy and bullions on dips

Thursday, September 28, 2017

morning thoughts...

Well we said of the crash again and it came again leading to new lows and a move towards 200 dema with pcr declining below 1.03
Technically we stand at f/o expiry and extreme volatility with dual moves on index cannot be ruled out with addition of 27 lac shares in oi at 9800 call and 29l shares in oi at 9700 put
The markets may see a bounce from this levels and may again see some weak trades with opportunities to be stop specifoc and grap wave 3 stocks.
We have continously intimated about the sharp , steep move and trap and it has been done exactly , now is it over or just the beginning, so the vix jumps by 9% and a fall in rupee and rise in dollar index will bring volatility.
It will be the ist September in many years giving opposite returns
We are now sighting a big opportunity and move yet again which could be 6-7% on nifty and bank nifty
Commodities looks positive with a buy on bullions , base metals and energy

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets behaved in exactly the same pattern as illustrated and saw a Peruvian bounce from lower levels in console mode and if not seen the deception and sharpest move then it has not come yet , its coming...
Technically index has seen the levels mentioned and is now facing multiple resistance at higher levels
The markets are now poised very interestingly and is throwing multiple opportunities to be grabbed
The derivatives addes 45 lac shares in oi at 9900 ce and 44 lacs shares at 9700 pe which puts markets in consolidated mode
Commodities will remain positive and is a buy on bullions , base metals and energy.

Mega October ahead - a move of 7-10% is seen on nifty and bank nifty

Pcr mcv terreno ratio clearly indicates the move of sharp move
Last we have informed about same on last wednesday and markets crashed on Thursday and friday

Out of money options at penny prices will turn into 5 figures soon- best time to enter now

Buy srt 1040 ce 
Buy niit tech 540 ce 
Buy divis lab 900 pe 
Nifty headed towards 8800 or 11000
Bank nifty 20500 or 28600

Monday, September 25, 2017

morning thoughts...

We have been continuously telling about the trap and the sharp move , 3 days back we have intimated about the change of regular phenomenon and rise of pcr and mcv to 39 against 34 in September which clearly indicates a trap and sharp move , well once again we have been right on dot and the markets moved and behaved in exacr pattern as desired resulting in large bynch of profits in just 2 sessions.
Technically the pivotal joint remains at 7,15,30 Dena conch and ultra squeeze levels which is indicative of yet again sharp and deceiptive move in few sessions.
Now we are into an f/o expiry week which will keep the markets very busy and volatile and it will again surprise everyone
Geo political tensions continue to hover the global markets along with the rise of dollar index and fall in bcc index on daily charts
The supports for the currency is at 65.3 which will also support markets at the same pivotal point bringing in the crucial levels of 9750 on nifty and 23800 on bank nifty.
The vix has moved up 15 percent due to closure of put writing at near the money strikes which is yet again guilty of keeping the markets subdued with maximum call oi of 65 lac contracts at 10200 which automatically makes it a resistance zone for nifty and 25350 for bank nifty
The highest put oi of 43 lac shares was concealed at 9900 levels and 34 lac shares at 9700 levels with the pivotal support at 9750
The auxiliary pendulum will swing very high and will lay plenty of opportunities in next few sessions , one must not lose the opportunity and continue to consider high rsi wave 3 stocks as there has been no change fundamentally except few hovers in technical charts , similarly beta wave 5 and 9 stocks have seen a break down and will drift down more sharply 
There was a wonderful opportunity to enter the crack and it has been utilised perfectly by us by taking positions in nifty , bank nifty , options and futures and options have created humungous wealth over lacs with a small capital in just 48 hours , futures have created a jackpot , now the dual move deceiption is ahead with more vigorous moves.
Coming to commodity markets subdued trade and range bound moves will be witnessed in bullions , base metals and energy

Those missed the move have plenty of time left as the sharpest deceiption and move is ahead with nifty 8800 or 11200...?

We have already taken positions in wave 3 rdx , operator and fii call options of October series at penny prices with zero risk for sky rocket targets and diwali gift

Wave 5 and 9 stock put options of october series in form of convert series ready for targets 3 and 5 lacs from smallest capital at negligible risk

Mega last week for us in index , futures and options

Fii Tata Steel 550 put at 1.50 moves to 7 - turns 5 times
Convert series Reliance capital 660 put at 2.50 for targets 20 - zooms to 17++ turns 8 times
Rdx option Wockpharma 600 put at 1 for targets 10 zooms to 8++ turns 9 times
Bank nifty 24400 pe at 55 for 200 - triples
We now hold dual pivot positions in nifty , bank nifty , nifty options and bank nifty options for very big jackpot
Futures sell jindal steel crashes 10%

Friday, September 22, 2017

morning thought...

Pre intimated in yesterdays post and previous posts about the pcr and mcv of ultra pivot to 39 which is 5 points above the regular trend of 32 -33 in september from past few years which is a clear indication of trap and sharp move..






Thursday, September 21, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets remained rangebound as indicated but saw wide movements in stock specific and the our prescribed stocks
Loads of strength was witnessed in L&t , bharat forge , tata steel , divis lab and they continued to out perform the markets and may continue to witness same strength in the coming sessions with intermediate volatility and correction
The pcr and mcv of derivatives markets now squeezes to ultra pivot 39 which is 5 points above the regular trend of 32-33 in September from past few years which is a clear indication of trap and sharp move
Panics and fear many a times leads to large profits and same was witnessed yesterday in Bharti Airtel which we pre intimated and had created huge gains in call options , similarly our small sized psu banks out performed the markets and still looks strong.
Sectoral changes will yet again take place and wave 3 pivot stocks and sectors like pharma will outperform in dr reddy , cipla , sun pharma , lupin , divis lab looks strongest
We have pre intimated the change of microdynamics at 11.30 and 1.20 yesterday , its effect could be witnessed theron , sharp reaction , panic can be seen in stocks , though not much in index
The resistances and supports for the index remains same at 61.8 % retracement levels.
Commodity markets remains subdued with renewed interest in base metals with buy on dips , same strategy applies in energy with sell on rise in bullions.

NIFTY 9150 OR 10800..?




Volatile and subdued markets creates vibrant gains

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets yet again remained in the prescribed range with sectoral rotation and outperformance in broader markets which is likely to continue.
We have mentioned about the attempt to 10200 levels on nifty front and 25200 on bank nifty and its almost done with many stocks breaking above two years high amongst which l&t , bharat forge , divis lab , mrpl , tata steel continues to be strong and calls for a buy on every dips , simultaneously one can buy out of money options for the same keeping in mind the time and intrinsic value
Offlate there has been good build up in psu bank , specially the smaller ones and they may outperform the markets
On the lower side 10050 remains as crucial supports for nifty and 24850 for bank nifty whereas resistance exists at 61.8% retracement levels
Commodity markets stays subdued with range bound trades in bullions , base metals and energy

Mentioned on friday convert series F115 ca at 2.50 was federal bank 115 ca which doubles

CONVERT SERIES BUY 10-20-30 LOTS DIVIS LAB 900 CA at markets opening

IN PANIC buy rdx option bharti airtel 400 ca

Futures buy motherson sumi , l&t

INDEX buy at supports and sell at resistance mentioned

Buy gold , silver , crude , copper

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

morning thoughts...

Mahalaya and navratri greetings to all

Major transit and trap and change at 11.32 today and 1.06 tomorrow

Nifty 9300 or 10750..?

Convert series options worth 12000 and 19000 ready for 85000 and 125000 in the period

Diamond options 3 Diwali dhamaka ready for blast , best pick of year 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

morning thoughts...

The straddle squeeze in the mentioned range continued and markets tried to reverde squeeze in last trading hour but yet again got resistance at 61.8% retracement levels mentioned.
Now it can be considered as make or break levels and the markets are at crucial juncture and cannot stay in consolidation period for long and the same has been confirmed on dvm and 30 dema charts which indicates a bitter trap for traders , so is 9300 coming or 10700 is in sight..?
Sectoral shifts continues to trotter markets and its seen that some psu banks , oil and gas , power stocks have seen buildup in oi in derivatives segment with sheddin of puts and simultaneously addition of calls in index and glycemic addition of puts of lower strike 
The markets stands at crucial juncture and calls for multiple surprises in next few sessions.
Global jitters continues to haunt world markets , will it be a dark phase or blessing in disguise...
The markets are following a classic case of pump wave theory and its clearly indicated on daily charts.
The coming session where nifty will attempt 10200 and bank nifty 25200 with most of the stocks showing strength
As index moves in range it has given ample opportunities in stock specific with emphasis on wave 3 and 5 stocks with high rsi and domiciled structure
Now the structure says no resistance and supports for the markets , we have taken our positions accordingly with 3 dispersed pattern throughout index via options and futures and targets placed at 61.8 and 73.9% retransmission with breakeven point at pivot point with negligible risk due to wave1.8 straddle reverse positions covering both futures and options
Commodity markets continues to be boring and range struck with strategy to buy bullions and base metals at dips and sell on rallies with positive views on energy.

We have sharp positions in nifty and bank nifty for retransmission levels 

Nifty 9300 or 10700..?

Convert series creates profits in lacs

Indigo 1200 ca bought at 2.50 , 10 lots , size 600 ( capital 15000) - booked at 14 - profits 84000 

Sun tv 800 ca bought at 5.50 , 3 lots size 1000 ( capital 16500) - booked at 23.50 - profits 70500

Indusind 1800 ca bought at 6 , 5 lots size 600 ( capital 18000) -booked at 40 - profits 102000

Ptc 120 ca bought at 1.50 , 2 lots size 8000 ( capital required 24000)- booked at 4.50 - profits 72000

Divis 800 ca bought at 6 , 4 lots size 800 ( capital 19200 ) - booked at 34 - profits 89600

Maruti 7600 ca bought at 12 ,10 lots size 150 (capital 18000) - booked at 90- profits 1,17,000

Federal bank 115 ca bought at 2.50 - exited at 2.80

Convert series convert 15k into 1 lacs
Convert 25k into 3 lacs 

All targets by diwali , however all achieved in 2-3 days

Next batch and registrations open for more sharp and higher moves ( limited intakes)

Rdx , operator , fii option and double bumper series

Bharti airtel 420- donot achieve targets and hits sl
Havells 520 ca booked in 50% profits
Jindal steel 150 exited at cost
Jsw steel 270 ca booked in 50% profits
Pel 2800 call option doubles
Bajaj auto 3000 ca doubles
Andhra bank 60 ca triples
Bharat forge 1200 ca triples
Tata motors 400 ca doubles
Icici 300 ca stays flat
Reliance capital 900 ca turns 10 times
Hpcl 480 ca turns 9 times
Grasim 1200 ca turns 5 times
Nifty 10000 ce triples
Bank nifty 24600 turns 4 times

Friday, September 15, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets remained volatile and swinged like a pendulum and remained range bound for most of the day last session making the coming session volatile and subdued with index yet again swinging on both sides and providing ample oppurtunities on both sides trades.
The technical oscillators on drv is flat and sideways from many sessions and is hovering near the highs of index where the retracement of 61.8% is at 32111 , this is the zone which strikes with macd and faces resistance and profit booking
The index is likely to hover around this levels with a twin pattern of bearish candle on daily charts and back to bullish candle which can test the 50% and 61.8% retracement levels
The doji 3 angle and oscillators are yet again in squeeze mode and a narrow range of markets can be seen yet again
On the down side 9980 will act as supports for the markets on nifty front and 24490 on the bank nifty with viable resistances at 61.8% retracement levels
Commodities will also face narrow range and trade subdued with a minor bounce in bullions , base metals and energy

Buy nifty and bank nifty to lower retracement levels
Futures buy bharat forge , ongc
Buy srt fin 1100 ca , hero moto 3900 ce

Convert series f stock option at 2.50 5 115 ca lots for 5 and 7

Thursday, September 14, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets faced some reactions and profit booking at higher levels and took supports at the levels mentioned and the coming session can yet again see some upmoves with nifty attempting 10150 and bank nifty 25000
Stock specific and sectoral rotation will be at high with ample oppurtunities.
Sun and mars together will support oil and gas , pharma and power stocks along with engineering companies
Commodities will yet again trade range bound in base metals , energy and bullions

Buy nifty and bank nifty to supports and sell to resistances
Buy bpcl 520 ca , axis bank 520 ca
Fo buy divis lab , ioc , pfc
Buy lt 1260 ca , ptc 125 ca
Sell gold , silver
Buy crude

Mega convert series positions worth 15k-18k in option targets at 1 lac and above - positions active

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

morning thoughts...

Well this is power of informed source , astro technicals , we have intimated well in advance of jupiter transit and the sharp move , hope all saw the move on the exact day of transit
Technically markets ought to see volatile moves with ample opportunities in the day ahead
Supports and resistances remains the same for index
The mega trap and move is ahead , sharp move ahead yet...
Commodities still remains subdued with range bound trades in bullions , base metals and energy

We have interest in bharat forge , muthoot finance , havells india , l&t , tata steel via rdx , fii options and futures

Nifty bank nifty positions remains same for targets

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

morning thoughts...

Today jupiter makes transit in libra and much awaited juncture has come for the sharp move and big trap for index and stocks
Techncically the markets will attempt 10050 on nifty and 24700 on bank nifty and may inch higher with outperformance in stocks
As jupiter touches libra wave 5 stocks in form of steel , metals  , engineering companies will out perform the markets, stocks like tata steel , jsw steel , l&t , godrej inds will see good movements
Multi mega oppurtunity has been created by the volatility and using the pivot points of wave 3 and 5 movements with parallel 30 dema and 60 dema structure we see spike in our renewed stocks
Commodities will trade volatile with pressure in bullions and buying in metals and energy


Monday, September 11, 2017

morning thoughts...

The said and desired move came in the index with individual stocks seeing negative moves in the past session resting on 30 dema which incidentally becomes the crucial supports for the markets and if a bounce has to come it must come from this levels with nifty trying to test 10000 levels and bank nifty 24500 levels where it would meet selling pressure and resistance
Technically if the markets moves above 10050 on nifty front it can trigger a short covering and as said major trap lays ahead
With wave 3 supporting mercury in 3 rd house sectors like oil and gas , power , nbfcs will out perform the markets
Commodity markets will yet again be subdued with range bound trades in bullions , base metals and energy
Jupiter transit in Libra 2017 will commence on September 12, 2017. This significant celestial development is going to trigger several important astrological changes in the lives of people , EQUITY AND COMMODITY MARKETS .
Everyone is likely to be impacted by this astrological transition, depending on the Moon Sign to which he or she belongs. It should be noted that Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is a prominent planet in the sky and it holds a lot of importance in Indian astrology. Venus represents wealth, education and fortune. As these three areas significantly determine human destiny, it only reaffirms the importance of Venus in our daily lives
A major trap and sharp move ahead for nifty and bank nifty , jackpot time for options and futures

Buy nifty and bank nifty to supports 
Rdx buy havells 500 ca
Punter buy indusind 1800 ca
Fii Buy gail 400 ca
Operator buy jsw steel 270 ca
Convert series buy muthoot fin 500 ca and chennai petro 460 ca
Buy petronet 240 ca , maruti 8000 ca
Fo buy bpcl , coal india
Sell gold , silver
Buy crude , copper , zinc

Friday, September 8, 2017

morning thoughts...

Once again the markets remained subdued with range bound trades with our stocks mentioned out performing during the day.
Technically the markets will now give an attempt towards 10025 on nifty front above which short covering can inch up the nifty whereas resistance will be seen at 9995 which if not crossed can see selling pressure
Coming to bank nifty which will also attempt 24500 with supports at 24150 and same trap can be witnessed
As mentioned earlier due to change of jupiter steel and metals will continue to outperform along with nbfcs
The pcr sees a sudden mapple at 1.09 and bcr moves above 75% and macd below 29 with daily moving average below 12 beta degree
A high alert is seen anticipating the change of jupiter and above technical parameters for a sharp move in nifty and bank nifty
Commodities will witness positive trades in bullions , base metals and energy

Buy nifty and bank nifty at dips and sell on rise as per technical parameters mentioned
Buy mannapuram fin 110 ca
Buy jsw steel 270 ca
Buy pvr 1400 ca
Buy tata steel , srt fin , muthoot fin
Buy gold , silver , crude

Thursday, September 7, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets continued its pressure and our mentioned stocks outperformed the markets and will continue to do so , the coming session is likely to see some upside with nifty attempting 9975 and bank nifty 24450 where it will face resistance and supports on lower sides are viable at 9877 and 24150 respectively
However amidst range bound movements stock specific actions will continue and will give ample oppurtunity in the day for creating good wealth
With the change of mercury in pisces steel and metals will continue to be strong with renewed buying in realty , auto and pharma stocks
Commodities tends to be subdued with rangebound trades in bullions , base metals and energy

We hold beml 1900 ca and arvind 400 ca via options in convert series

We hold indiabull hsngfin, maruti , arvind mills , shriram transfin , voltas via rdx , operator and fii  options and punter futures

We hold and have increased sharp positions in nifty and bank nifty

Nifty 8750...10900..?


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets continued its jittery work and will continue same in the coming sessions but with ample oppurtunities throughout the day in futures and options
Volatility is traders friend and the best way to generate and create wealth
Technically the markets ought to be in range with occasional strength in banking so bank nifty could outperform from lower levels
The markets are yet again favouring wave 3 stocks in dispersed straddle pattern so selected banking , oil and gas , steel , cement and power sectors could see good moves 
Commodity markets will remain volatile with buy on dips in bullions , base metals and energy

We have vested interest in havells , bharti airtel , igl  , mannapuram finance , yes bank , india cements and hold positions in same via rdx , fii , punter , double bumper options and futures

We have sharp positions in nifty and bank nifty for big targets

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

morning thoughts...

As we intimated and markets saw some jitters which is not surprising and biggest deception and move is ahead which will surely be surprising for many...
Amidst the volatility good trading opportunities has been provided by the markets on intraday and positional basis

Nifty moving to 8750...10800..?

Today India celebrates the biggest festival of Teachers Day and we extend our gratitude and respect for the same




Monday, September 4, 2017

morning thoughts...

The presession of markets are changing so is changing the gravity and force , the most furious move can come in nifty and bank nifty to take everyone to surprise 

Nifty 8750 or 10700..?

Magnificent gains in options and futures

Friday, September 1, 2017

morning thoughts...

We concluded August series on a beautiful note with markets following the same pattern as illustrated
We begin the adventurous new september series today with to and fray pattern in index in coming sessions and multiple opportunities in wave 3 sectors and stocks
Sectoral shifts and stock specific actions will continue in the markets 
Technically the straddle to and fro pattern is now confirmed for index and it will not be surprising if it escalates in few sessions
It continues to hover at critical zones of 9700-9900 with major supports at 9690 and resistance at 9990 and 10050 whereas bank nifty finds supports at 24050 and resistance at 24700 levels
The sectors which stays in favour are steel , oil and gas and selected banking
Commodity markets are trading in a range from many months and the period of consolidation will continue within few moves in bullions , base metals and energy up and down with the strategy to buy on dips

Thursday, August 31, 2017

morning thoughts...

As said and expected the markets moved in exactly the same pattern with stock specific moves and our pre intimated stock futures and options gaining inspite of volatile and range bound markets.
Coming session sees f/o expiry so volatility is not ruled out with choppiness and two side trades with nifty finding supports at 9815 and bank nifty st 24050 with resistances at 9950 and 24500 respectively
September series will be a very adventerous one , stay ready
Commodity markets will stay subdued with mixed trades and buy on dips strategy in bullions , base metals and energy

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

morning thoughts...

The effect of sun jupiter and mars was seen yesterday and we timely intimated the structure as dispersal and concurrent and used the oppurtunity to enter stock futures and options , index positions remains unchanged for the sharpest move ahead near inclination joints which could be probably in september with prolonged effects in october.
The same effect will again be witnessed in december third week with january ist week, so starts the adventure and most appropriate and ripe time for creation of tonns of points in nifty and bank nifty , its a paradise for index lovers
Options and futures wont stay behind and already we have started taking positions in out of money options of next series which is pre intimately favoured by the pcr , rcb and straddle wave strategy of gann and clusner principles
On the lower sides nifty may hover for supports around 9750 and bank nifty at 23750 levels whereas resistances can be witnessed at 9950 and 24700 respectively but the wave move coming will see no supports and resistances
The markets have been swinging to and fro following some international news with not much inflow from domestic cues which is favourable for commodities so bullions , base metals and energy may trade stronger

Tonns of points ready to be gained in nifty and bank nifty ( index paradise ) vast move of nifty and bank nifty ahead

BANK NIFTY 22500 - 27500..?

We have taken positions in rdx , fii , operator , punter options yesterday and pre intimated same and all have started to move 

RDX 440i CA WAS IOC 440 CA

Limited period registrations open for Convert 15k in 1 lac via options 


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets continued its volatility with stock specific activity and the coming session is likely to see the extension of volatility with slight pressure on the index but ample oppurtunity in stock specific
Technically the markets ought to be in range and one can expect high volatility and sudden moves in stocks ahead of expiry
As sun turns right with jupiter and mars in same house september series is likely to be a sharp one with dispersal and con recurring moves for sure
The pcr - put call ratio has seen lots of volatility in last 1 week and will see further rise in last 2 days of f/o expiry
Sectoral rotation will continue in the markets and the strategy remains to concentrate on selected stocks for next few days
With change of sun and dispersal crr pattern favouring wave 3 stocks , sectors like housing finance , selected banks , oil and gas , steel will see strength
Commodity markets are likely to witness positive moves with buy in bullions , base metals and energy

We are ready for missile moves in following options , we intend to take positions for september series

Rdx option 440 i ca september series targets open for sky
Fii option stock G 150 CA.. september series targets open for sky
Punter option 1100 c ca september series targets open for sky

Special operator september option 340 U ca for targets 25000 ++ for investment premium 5650


Tuesday wealth gains

Buy nifty and bank nifty on dips and sell on rallies
Buy rel infra 500 ca
Futures buy rbl bank , sell beml
Buy gold silver , crude
Buy copper , zinc

Thursday, August 24, 2017

morning thoughts...

Volatile session ahead , as intimated steel , banking and pharma rocked along with bank nifty

Finest and profits over 1 lac created in volatile range bound markets

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

morning thoughts...

The topsy turvy move will continue in the coming session with nifty staying in a range of 9750 - 9850 following volatile and two side moves with supports at 9735 levels and resistances at 9863 levels whereas bank nifty may trade stronger and will find supports at 24050 levels and resistances at 24350 levels
The pcr in the current trend has inched to 1.17 and the average trend line has moved near to 30 and 60 dema with dispersal pattern
Ample oppurtunity is visible and available in coming sessions as volatility is traders friend and trades for both long and shorts are visible
With sun and mars sectors like metals , pharma , auto will be favoured
Whenever the parallel syndrome of dispersion pattern moves above 7 dema and 15 dema stronger chances of sharp moves becomes a possibility and markets are gearing for it , we would stay with strong rsi and beta wave stocks as they will show larger moves.
Commodities will stay subdued with pressure in bullions , base metals and energy

Low premium rdx option at 2.30 picked for 15+
Fii option sep series at 3.75 for 10+
Operator option straddle of 2 stocks at average 1.35 for targets 12 +

High speed sharp move Nifty 9300 or 10250..?

Gear up and take advance positions

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

morning thoughts...

The markets followed the volatile and contrary line as indicated after the sun transit and the coming session may see a retest of 9800 on nifty and 24000 on bank nifty where again selling pressure may arise and will keep markets swinging.
The markets looks in consolidation mode with supports of nifty at 9725 levels and bank nifty at 23850 whereas resistance is viable at 9890 and 24300 respectively
Amidst the volatility stock specific action will continue and one must look for quicker trades with strict stoplosses , with change of mars and sun sectors like oil and gas will see good movement so stocks like hpcl , bpcl , ioc , gail will be in focus
The session will be highly volatile with deceptive moves and trades on both long and short sides , best oppurtunity to create wealth
We forsee a very very sharp move in index , futures and options in coming sessions
Commodity markets will remain subdued with mixed trades in bullions , base metals and energy 

We are now into the auspicious week of ganesh chaturthi 

Big surprises ahead

Friday, August 18, 2017

morning thoughts...

We mentioned about sun transit and the probable sectors and stocks getting benefits and exactly the synopsis took place - source , analysis , astrology and information at its best
Now technically the texture remains same with same resistances and supports , what changes is the transit and astro configuration which will now decide the course of markets , stocks and commodities
We see ample of oppurtunity at friday in the opening and emphasise to stay with concrete beta rsi sun supported stocks - we mentioned many yesterday and all rocked
Today we take positions in options , futures and index at 9.15 for some solid returns
Commodity markets will stay subdued with mixed trade in bullions , base metals and energy

Huge sea wave move of index is eyeing and knocking doors
Typhoon of options ready to manifold to 5-8-10 times

In yesterdays post owing to sun transit we have given tata global , united spirits which rose 10 and 75 rs respectively yesterday

Bel rises 11 rs , beml rise 175 rs , coal india rises 9 rs , sadbnhav eng rises 15 rs , infosys rises 55 rs , hexaware rise 18 rs

Beml 1800 ca turns 7 times
Bel 180 ca doubles
Hexaware 280 ca triples

Thursday, August 17, 2017

morning thoughts...

Sun transits leo at 1.15 pm today , one of the biggest and major transits of the year , sun is a strong and major planet and has great impact on individuals , will have stronger impact on markets
The deceptive move continues and the coming session will be no different with positive moves and good oppurtunities in stock specific and sectoral shifts
Technically the markets are likely to test 9950 on nifty and 24500 on bank nifty where it can face intermitent resistance so one needs to be quick in thier trades
On the lower side supports exists at around 9750 for nifty and 24050 for bank nifty and resistances at levels mentioned
With the change of sun the sectors and stocks with gamma strength will tend to show strength inspite of any weakness in markets so brewery stocks - tata global , united spirits , minerals , heavy engineering companies - bel , beml , coal india , sadbhav eng , IT cos - infosys , hexaware  will remain in focus and we advise longs in these stocks at opening of markets and collective positions in stock options of the same available
Coming to the commodity markets subdued trades will be seen in bullions , base metals and energy

Mega jackpot option august series out

Buy beml 1800 ca 
Buy bel 180 ca
Buy hexaware 280 ca
Futures buy coal india , united spirits , vedanta
Buy nifty and bank nifty on dips and sell on rallies
Sell gold , silver , copper ,crude

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

morning thoughts...

As intimated and informed the said and deceptive move came yet again and showered magnificent returns in nifty , bank nifty , options , futures and cash positions
Technically the deception is just the onset and much sharper and stronger move is ahead and so lays the beautiful opportunity
The average pcr in the derivative segment toys between 1.06- 1.11 and sees a sudden jump to 1.15 with vix staying above 20 and constant dollar index
On the lower side the supports for nifty stays at below 9750 and 23500 for bank nifty and viable resistance at 10050 and 24900 for bank nifty
Sectoral shifts and placements will continue to those with high beta and rsi will equally move sharply on both sides
Availing opportunities on correct points for shorts and longs will create swift gains in index , options and futures
Commodity markets will remain subdued with bullions , base metals and energy staying in a range with occasional rise and declines

Monday, August 14, 2017

morning thoughts...

Welcome the great deception and inverse reciprocal move in coming sessions


Friday, August 11, 2017

morning thoughts...

Just after our intimation of deception and cracks in stocks , markets have obliged and many a stock are subliming and cracking
Our pre intimated rise in steel sector continues to maintain strength in falling markets.
Technically the markets will follow the adverse peripheral theory and is ready for sharp yet deceptive moves
Same will be witnessed in stocks
As said the strength was visible in bullions , base metals and energy

A very very sharp move , deceptive move above 800 points in nifty and 4500 in bank nifty can be witnessed soon

Mega opportunity in futures and options , just after our intimation of crack , stocks have sublimed and options have manifold 5-10 times

Now be very ready to reap profits in 

Fii option at 3 for targets 20++
Rdx option at 4.75 for targets 25++
Operator option at 2.90 for targets 15++
Sure shot jackpot option at 5 for targets 50++ in August
Double bumper option T at 4.65 for targets 10++
Futures ready for 15-20% sharp moves

Take positions at 9:15 am sharp

Missed bus and rally for nifty 10000 , now catch train for 10800 or 9000..?