Monday, July 16, 2018

morning thoughts...

Last week we intimated about a reaction at higher levels and crucial dates of 16-21 july , we are heading for crucial times

Once again nifty headed for 400-500 points and bank nifty 1000-1200 points move very soon

Those who missed oppurtunity last time can enter this time

On wednesday ,then again on  thursday we have openly mentioned our shorts and put options in tata steel 560 pa , jindal steel 210 pa , jsw steel 300 pa , vedanta 210 pa , icici 260 pa , upl 600 pa- see the magic

Thursday, July 12, 2018

morning thoughts...

We were talking about a probable reaction at higher levels., we have witnessed the same in past session 
Now we would analyse the probability of the index and markets in next or coming session on technical basis
Technically the markets remained and opened at tuesdays high and closed at the same levels without gaining any points which yet again reflects the hesitation of nifty to move higher and increases our conviction for a dip in coming session after an initial rise for test of probable 11100-200 on nifty and 27200-300 on bank nifty
Now we have to carefully analyse and present all data and activities so as the picture is clear for traders
1. The nifty index yet again made a higher low for straight 9th day which is in favour of bulls
2. The nifty index closed at previous days low without any further move with a rectangular candle on daily charts with lower shadow which is in favour of bears
3. Nifty index 10900 strike rate witnesses maximum call writers of 3.65 lac shares which is again a line of caution , which indicates that many people and traders view those levels to be breached and become a resistance in coming days favourite bears
4. Nifty index at money 10950 adds 16000 shares and 11000 adds 50000 shares in oi for call writers which again shows the level as stiff resistance
5. Decrease of put writers and unwinding options upto 10400 levels favouring bulls
6. Slight dip in rsi , macd and a bend in bollinger band of index which was following a upcurve in past few sessions where we indicated that a bullish crossover is likely last week and nifty saw a straight rally from 10557 to 10950 and bank nifty from 26080 to 26900
We have analysed all the possibilities based on technical parameters as per index charts and options chain , derivatives data
We would now analyse the markets based on astrological configuration
In past 3 days and last week , we have mentioned about a strong astrological change taking place on tuesday tuesday and Wednesday which will in high effect till 18th july - untill which high sharp moves will be witnessed with global surprises and incidents , so get ready for elastic and sharp moves
The major planet Jupiter changes position on 12 july and there is a eclipse situation in coming sessions with 12-18 july as very crucial so we may witness sharp fall if a certain condition in index is fulfilled after our initial targets of 11100 and 27200
The change also brings a lots of surprises for eg , sudden dip in crude , strengthening of rupee etc
So what could be the strategy for traders..
Well in the coming session if the markets manages to trade above 10950 on nifty front with yet again higher lows then expect more rise to 11100 and if it breaches 10890 on curves lower on bollinger band than see a deep correction
Broader markets have not participated in the upmove and the index has always been managed by few large caps and the moment the market breadth slips below 10% expect the large caps to dip which will hurt index, it stands at 12% now
We have already mentioned the global concerns of rising crude , weaker rupee, trade war , korean crisis etc
Now in the coming session we face the following important events
1. iip industrial data
2. cpi inflation data
3. weekly bank nifty expiry
4. jupiter changes
5. eclipse situation 
6. crucial week untill 18 july
7. trade war sanctions and chinese retaliations
8. unrealistic and pathless targets and expectations by multiple analysts on various channels , media, social media who only looks at a number of index
So now this above factors will manage the markets in the coming session
We would now place some psychological analysis of traders and investors 
1. when markets falls , one believes that it will become zero and when it rises they believe that it will reach sky the next day as golden days have arrived , this is fear and greed which over comes them and they lose thier calmness and position to markets volatility
2. non acceptance - a long trader thinks what he buys must not come down and a short traders cannot accept its position going up, they disrespect stoplosses and remain hopeful untill they lose everything
3. average - the most common trait for losses is averaging , when a trade goes wrong, traders make the worst mistake of averaging by going against the trend
4 . leverage - going beyond ones capacity is always harmful
5. expectations and flexibility - expecting only profits and exact targets usually gets punished , so one needs to be very flexible and not stubborn
6. disrespect - usually traders treat markets as a daily casino and without saying wants to take everything possible
So we are heading for exciting sessions and days ahead for equities
Commodity markets remains weak and we have already informed last week that base metals remains a sell on rise , with bullions and energy a buy on dips

We remain short on same stocks mentioned yesterday

Tata steel , hindalco , vedanta , hind zinc , jsw steel  , icici bank ,upl

We hold put options of tata steel 560 pa  , jindal steel 210 pa , jsw steel 300 pa , vedanta 210 pa , icici 260 pa , upl 600 pa

We have already taken positions in nifty and bank nifty as per our strategy mentioned 

Options jackpot and super duper options 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

morning thoughts...

The markets continued its up side and managed to trade positive throughout the day with very limited activities in stock specific and broader markets
Technically analysing the index on daily charts the ist indicator we would like to indicate is the rsi which has touched 68 and if we look at the bollinger band - its at higher side with doji
RSi suggests that there would be some upsides in the coming session , however bollinger band suggests that its near targets or has achieved same and a reaction is not ruled out on higher side so expect high volatility and profit booking on higher side
There has been addition of cumulative interest at 10600 put writers with maximum oi and not much unwinding at 10900 and 11000 levels 
Last days activities did not witness or see any participation by fiis , only selected buying was witnessed by diis which is again an area of concern 
Now the important trigger for the markets remains the results season which will give and spark direction for the markets

Few of the stocks which will feel pressure in markets are tata steel , vedanta , jsw steel , jindal steel, hindalco , upl , hind zinc and calls for shorts at higher levels , put options in the same also looks good
On the stronger sides stocks like tcs , tech mahindra , havells india , bajaj auto , maruti looks good good for longs and call options

We have opened up some shorts in nifty and bank nifty at higher side on tuesday afternoon following the bollinger pattern 

We are bearish on steel sector and hold shorts and put options in tata steel , vedanta , hindalco , hind zinc ,jsw steel

We are following our candlesticks , rsi , bollinger pattern for above moves with proper sl as we expect huge volatile session ahead with supports at 7 dema and resistance at 20 dema, giving sudden bounces and sudden falls


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

morning thoughts...

Our logical bullish crossover targets of nifty and bank nifty get achieved , now the coming session may see some more upsides but that would be now a cautious place and a reaction on the higher side is not ruled out
We face some high astrological changes from today and coming 1 week upto 18 july will be crucial period as mentioned yesterday
The results season now kicks off with tcs and other banks and its will keep the markets volatile

In a range bound and volatile markets , successfully picked super and jackpot options in yes bank and hexaware

Monday, July 9, 2018

morning thoughts...

Last thursday we were intimating of a possible bullish crossover for nifty 10850 and bank nifty 26650-26700 but again a sign of caution at those levels as it may not get supported by market breadth and few concerns still haunts the global and domestic markets
From past 3 months the index is following a range of 10550-10850 for nifty and 26100-26800 for bank nifty , within that range it moves up one day and down the another day with repeat episodes , so if practically seen there is no new levels for index and the broader markets still inches lower with poor breadth closer to 12% , the moment it closes below or moves below 10% we may see large caps correcting which have been supporting index from many days
Now we are moving into results season and its the moment of volatility for the markets
As per technical charts of the index , we have informed on thursday that a probable bullish crossover will be seen for the index and we are on the verge of the same , so will it breakout and see the channel break for targets of 11100 for nifty and 27200 for bank nifty..?
The midcaps and small caps have corrected severely in last few months and owing to weaking rupee , rising crude , trade war issues and korean tension volatility and uncertainty prevails with the dryness of 100 millions USD and lack of fii money , will it trigger a global correction and nifty move to 9800 and bank nifty 25000...?
As per friday charts of nifty , we are not posting the chart as interpretation is important than a picture, lets simplify the charts of friday for you all
The nifty tried to make a bullish crossover at 20 dema highs of 10820 and saw a correction from those levels on intraday basis and closed below 10800 with maximum oi addition at 10900 and 10800 with 3.26 lacs contracts at 10800 and 1.50 lacs contracts at 10900 levels , now what does that means..?
It means that traders and people are viewing 10800 as important level and resistance than 10900 as previous has almost double call writers - so this level may be taken as a resistance zone
Now if we come to put writers - we may see some interesting facts and see writers at multiple levels of 10600 , 10700 , 10500 and upto 10400
Now its surprising to see writing at 10400 levels which means that there are people and traders who think and believe that nifty may dip to 10400 and this is what charts and option chains are suggesting and saying , we are not saying anything - its what fridays index charts are saying
Now if we see the nifty chart of daily charts and 7 dema we will find mediocre trendline candles with longer heads and not much shadows of higher side nor lower side which now indicates that ist stop of call writer will act as support for the markets which is 10700 and only below that oi for put writers will be respected
This now gives a clear indication of probable range bound trade for the markets and only on break of this channel , expect a 400-500 point move for the markets for nifty and 1500 for bank nifty
On weekly charts the nifty has managed to make higher lows and higher highs which suggest an upmove in the coming session on monday with attempt of 10850 and 26700 but again we would like to see minutes candles and volumes for further move as this levels may be used for distribution and dispersion
As on tuesday 10 july important astrological changes takes place which will be in high effect till 17 july - crucial moves and incidents seen during those period
The markets are giving a beautiful oppurtunity to trade between the range along with broader markets and it must be used accordingly
Coming to the commodity markets no much analysis is viable as bullions remain rangebound with negligible trading oppurtunity but a buy on dips strategy is best suited in same
Base metals have seen a sharp correction following the trade war and will continue to be a sell on rise
Energy on the other hand is providing the best oppurtunity and the strategy for crude and natural gas remains to be a buy on dips

Stocks to watch

Nifty and bank nifty as per strategy mentioned above
Sell icici bank , vedanta on a rise or gap up
Buy tata steel 560 pa
Buy tcs 1800 pa
Buy drl 2300 ca
Buy gold , silver , crude 
Buy copper , mentha oil , nickel

Thursday, July 5, 2018

morning thoughts...

July series has followed the pattern of june but has not remained in a tight range channel and is giving vibrant moves for short term and day traders
On the derivatives segment 10800,10900 has witnessed good call writing with some unwinding at 11000 on nifty front whereas 10600 and 10700 sees the maximum put writing with additional oi which suggests that traders are looking at 10700 as immediate support and below that 10600 is the cushion levels and above 10800-850-10900 is the resistance levels for the markets.
So it can be assumed for now that the markets will follow a range move in a channel with the levels mentioned
Coming to the bank nifty which has given a minor breakout last day above 26200 also faces same channel and resistance at 26600-700 whereas supports are seen at 26050 and would meet supply on the higher side
We are pertaining that volatility will be very high so one needs to follow the levels closely
The rangebound channel move is yet again decaying the premium for both call option and put option in nifty and bank nifty and its advisable to not trade in the same without proper guidance
Now if we look into the broader market apart from index then we will witness a complete opposite picture , most of the stocks are declining and making new 52 week lows with intermediate bounces in between which yet again faces selling pressure on the higher side
So one need to be very cautious in taking trades if they do by seeing and comparing index as both are following disproportionate route
Now if we analyse the macd data then we may see that the nifty is above the 9 , 12 and 20 dema and may form a bullish crossover if maintains above it , but its to be noticed that the candle formation has been small so one need not hurry and reach that conclusion 
The bank nifty however is not above it required macd and the rsi is also on lower zone , showing that its managed by 1-2 stocks and the broader inclusion of banks are weak 
We have now clearly interpreted the daily and weekly chart patterns of both nifty and bank nifty
We now move into the weekly expiry of bank nifty and there would be volatile moves in the day
Stock specific and sectoral rotation and moves will continue , auto , pharma and steel are looking strong for small longs whereas pressure is seen in individual nbfcs, housing finance , fmgc
Coming to the commodity markets the main focus remains on crude and it still looks strong with a buy on dips, bullions and base metals are a range bound space

Amidst the range bound channel move, we have managed to create both shorts and longs in index and hitting a jackpot in srt fin option and a sl in yes bank

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

morning thoughts...

The markets yet again follows the same pattern as we have intimated and is moving towards our targets - with mega sharp move and deception in between

Broader analysis ahead...

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

morning thoughts...

Mega start to july series
July series more bigger and deceptive than june series , be very ready for the move 
Nifty 9500 or 11450 ...? soon
Bank nifty 24000 or 28600 ... soon

The greatest oppurtunity for index , options
Options are new ten baggers and multibaggers in next few days

July 15-17 to mark the required and desired moves in markets , along this dates we have taken positions for the beautiful move sighted in index and options

Friday, June 29, 2018

morning thoughts...

June expiry glance

Well friends we have successfully concluded a terrific , confusing and profitable june series.
For the full month the index remained in a tight range channel of 10700-10830 on nifty front and 26250-26800 on bank nifty with v channel trades and we successfully implemented it with our strategy to buy on lower channel and sell on higher channel.
As we came closer to expiry we clearly indicated and wrote that this strategy is now coming to an end and a big move is coming soon
On Tuesday 26th june Post we clearly wrote and mentioned that a channel break is coming and we posted our monday trades and calls of short nifty , bank nifty , index puts , one can see what has been the results
Bank nifty has achieved our targets of 26200 and nifty 10600 within 3 days and has obliged completely
When everyone was confused and giving higher targets and new highs, we openly and clearly wrote our trades on monday
June series has given us above 600 points in nifty and 2700 points in bank nifty
Now we come to the theoretical analysis of the series
June series continuously saw addition of oi at higher strikes 1 day and unwinding of the same with decrease oi the another day confusing all technical analysts with higher candle with higher shadows so they came to conclusions of extension of candles but completely ignored the fact of dollar index , crude, interest rates , trade war and expellsion of 100 million usd 
Another reason for traders to lose is that all are optimistic traders and they bend mostly on long sides and see everything good and green in economy but they aren't aware of macroeconomics and the required global factors, moreover media and all form of rumours in social platforms from experts who just give targets calls based on fo data or daily moves are useless for traders ,they change their views with every passing minute
The range bound v pattern move has been disruptive for option traders as both calls and puts have sublimed but we have again successfully picked the correct ones in stocks and index 
Now we enter the dramatic july series with new range and channel and we will again try to bring out best in stocks , options and index

Special index package for bank nifty and nifty for accumulation of maximum gains and profits - registrations open for july series

Yesterdays options

Bpcl 400 pa at 2.50 moves to 49
Hpcl 280 pa at 1.75 moves to 20
Adani ent 120 pa at 1.50 moves to 10.75
Tech Mahindra 700 ca at 5 moves to 19
Dabur 400 ca at 2 hit sl

Thursday, June 28, 2018

morning thoughts...

On Tuesday 26th june post we have clearly written that we are on a verge of channel break in index and posted our open sell call on nifty and bank nifty when majority were talking of new highs and higher targets everywhere
All where confused with the trend and we openly wrote and mentioned channel break and sell index
Same has been anticipated by us in stocks futures and options and we have taken positions accordingly
Greater surprises ahead in July series

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

morning thoughts...

The markets once again followed the yo yo pattern and swung like a pendulum keeping both long and short traders on toes 
The series june so far has been a topsy turvy zone with the index remaining in a range and unable to provide much momentum
On the upside nifty has channel at 10830 and lower range is at 10700 which has been maintained throughout with bank nifty channel at 26800 and lower range at 26200 and the movement has been between this range providing ample and beautiful opportunities for trading with buy near lower channel or dips and sell on higher channel and rise
However in this scenario the option premium for both calls and puts have been eaten by writers and none have gained due to range bound channel moves , yes small gains have been seen
It has been witnessed that one day heavy call and put writing with additional oi haoi has been notified and the other day heavy unwinding with decreased oi has has been informed, so retail traders have been confused on trading
The biggest benefits have been in index trading in the above pattern mentioned and we have encashed the same accordingly
Now we near the fo expiry and this channel and strategic move is near to end and will not apply for longer with buy on dips and sell on rallies in channel as we are very near to channel break and vast moves are ahead
In the present move we have already made above 300 points in nifty and 1500 in bank nifty in last 10 days with the strategy mentioned
The broader market has been under pressure and the same is likely to continue
Our tata motors 290 put given on monday at 1.75 for expiry moves to 15 , lic 480 pa given at 1.70 for expiry moves to 5.85

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

morning thoughts...

Markets obliges as per intimation , 1 lac oi unwinding in put and call writers , the highest in past 11 months
Get ready for a channel break - sharp move

Monday, June 25, 2018

morning thoughts...

We have clearly indicated gann reversal and trap date of 22 june and the markets obliged perfectly and the markets trapped shorts and reached logical targets of 10800 and 26700 on nifty and bank nifty respectively
Now we enter into fo expiry week and again we will witness volatile trades with index facing resistance at higher levels with a grave yard doji star pattern - so get ready for another trap and strong trap ahead
The broader markets will continue to trade range bound with stock specific moves ahead
Commodity markets is likely to remain subdued with positive trades in bullions , base metals and energy

Thursday, June 21, 2018

morning thoughts...

As said and expected the desired bounce back came from the exact levels mentioned and the markets moved to resistance zones ahead of expiry , now we can see some more upsides but with volatility and a reaction on the resistance zones cannot be euled out as we near the gann dates in next 24 hours.
We had clearly mentioned that a major trap was laid at 20 dema for index and those who went with our multi advance nifty and bank nifty hit jackpot in intraday, we foresee more major trap again
Now the markets are divided into two course, intraday and positional where both moves will be different , so one needs to trade accordingly, we have tools for both
Now the channel range for index will continue , which it will break in few sessions with channel shadows
Yesterday and day before we had mentioned and hinted sky option ready for fly , also given name yesterday indigo 1100 put turns 12 times
Another mega multi series for same returns to take off soon, take advance positions in nifty, bank nifty and options

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

morning thoughts...

We informed in advance about the gann reversal dates of 19 and 22 june and all saw what happened on 19th june with markets facing a severe sell off and nifty taking supports at 20 dema of 10700 and bank nifty at 26250 and saw minor bounces and now if the markets has to bounce it can from this levels for 0.89% reversal gann retracement in coming session but with expiry on the corner one must expect high volatility and two side movements
On the global perspective the trade war between china and US has intensified and cannot be ignored for certain sectors and metals may witness pressure in near term
Falling rupee and strong dollar index with private banks lagging behind will also add to the factor
Indian vix has rose by 3% in last 1 day with continous addition of puts writers at 10700 and 10600 with addition of 1 lac shares whereas call writers at 10800 and 11000 saw addition of 90k shares 
Bank nifty took supports at 20 dema with elastic pattern and must follow a range trade in coming session
Pharma has witnessed a good rally in past few days and now looks tired on charts and may see a halt as of now 
It would also be seen that above 300 small caps are now below 52 week low with over 500 midcap stocks at pe below 12 which is a value buy if compared fundamentally
From last 7 days we were intimating that a sharp move is on way and exactly the same happened on our dates mentioned , is it over or a bigger move is yet to come , or a trap is laid at 20 dema for nifty and bank nifty
Coming to mid caps and broader markets the move and spread remains in margin so that section requires special emphasis on trades with proper stoplosses and quick exit
Once gain we are proceeding to bank nifty expiry date in a day or 2 and nifty and bank nifty monthly expiry next week and we have important gann dates pending on 22 , more in next week and months
Coming to the commodity markets a tight range with negative bias trades is seen in base metals , bullions and energy

Stocks to watch

Buy indigo 1180 pa
Buy reliance 1000 ca
Sell upl 
Sell gold , silver , copper
Buy crude

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

morning thoughts...

Gann reversal dates and days on 19th and 22 june
Last week we intimated on 14 and 15 and markets trapped longs and saw a fall from top
Now get ready for the major trap and move that we are intimating from past 5 days, we are very very close to the move
Straight trap ahead...
Right time and opportunity for options in out of money , they are going to sky
From this week untill the end of the year before diwali an expected move is coming in markets which will dazzle all
Immediate fast move in knocking on the door , be with seat belts

A series of options must buy for jubilant returns in june series

Nifty and bank nifty on verge on big move as per indicated above

Key at call / whatsapp 09205721529

Monday, June 18, 2018

morning thoughts...

We have clearly mentioned about gann reversal dates of 14 and 15 june and the on coming big move in index and the markets have obliged on the perfect date 
Now get ready for the big move 
Nifty heading to 10250 or 11200..? Bank nifty 25500 or 27200..? Immediate short term
Very big move in medium term nifty 9200 or 11800..?
We have already taken positions in nifty , bank nifty , options and futures and expect rains and tonss of profits very soon
The rsi oscillator has seen a major swing on friday with falling rupee and rotating shadow on index charts , get ready for a major trap
Biggest oppurtunity of june...
Commodity will stay volatile with sell on bullions , base metals and energy

Current nifty positions to yield straight 500 points and bank nifty 1200 points
Celebrations for options traders as time ripe for 10-15 times gains

Markets at crucial juncture of big move - also intimated last week

Thursday, June 14, 2018

morning thoughts...

We have been intimating about the big move in nifty and bank nifty and 14 and 15 is gann reversal dates and the move is about to begin
Technically the parameters are same and we have also informed about the triple layer call and put writing with larger spreads
May was unique for us in form of index , options and futures and june will be ultra unique
Commodities to stay flat and negatively biased in bullions , base metals and energy

Profits above 15 lacs in nifty , bank nifty and options

Now we are heading for more...

Is nifty moving to 10200 or 11300
Bank nifty 25200 or 27900

Will markets trap , we have already taken positions 

Bank nifty , nifty platinum move package futures and options - dont miss

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

morning thoughts...

The markets panned out exactly as illustrated and now we are at make or break points for index
So expect a big and sharp move anytime
Amidst the volatility we have been safely trading and picking stocks like divis lab , sun pharma , lupin , drl , tcs which has actively given returns in futures and options
Commodities to stay flat in bullions , base metals and energy

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

morning thoughts...

The june series have seen 250 + small caps hitting 52 week low with index forming a grave yard doji on 11 june trading session which has been confirmed by the opening and closing of nifty and bank nifty on parallel levels which is a rare event to be seen which now notifies june series as on of the important and adventerous series and will mark very very sharp and sudden moves in index
For a long time there are triple call and put writers on index with equal straddle strategy which is also a rare event and was last seen some 15-18 months before with strikes at 10700 , 10900 and 11000 for nifty and 26600 , 26800 , 27200 for bank nifty for call writers and 10600 , 10500 and 10200 for nifty and 26200 , 25800 and 25400 for bank nifty which is a different scene with so much gaps in spread
The continous rise of india vix by 3% in last day trade also symbolises and confirms the above pattern and we strongly advise positions in nifty and bank nifty for mega returns , we already have positions and are adding same in index and options as we see a surprise ahead soon
Technically the pattern and trade will be same as we have indicated above with a grave trap for nifty at 10800-850 zones and 26500-26700 zones for nifty and bank nifty respectively
The pcr on the derivatives sides have jumped significantly as compared to may and april series with a fall in bci index
Commodity markets looks volatile and positive and the strategy is to buy on dips in bullions , base metals and energy

Stocks to watch

Nifty and bank nifty for a solid and sharp move of 400 and 1500 points in few sessions , bank nifty at make break levels along with nifty
Buy drl 2100 ca 
Buy lupin 840 ca
Buy niit tech 1100 ca
Fo sell beml , upl
Buy gold , silver , crude
Buy zinc , copper , lead

Friday, June 8, 2018

morning thoughts...

Get ready for a deadly move in nifty and bank nifty

Nifty targets 9870 or 11200 ( short term)
Bank nifty 24700 or 28600 ( short term)

2018 2nd half

7680 or 12900
19800 or 29000

Mega mega mega entry in stock options

Special bank nifty package for only bank nifty index and index options for safe and huge returns

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

morning thoughts...

The markets panned in exact manner as illustrated and index along with bank nifty saw a free fall and yielded above 1000 points in bank nifty in 24 hours with index options turning 3-5 times
After the magnificent returns in hdfc bank call option which moved from 0.30 to 20 with 20 lots gave us tonnnss of profits
Now we have positions in idea 60 puts at 2 rs , large and accurate positions in index , nifty and bank nifty options as we forsee a huge a sudden trap and very sharp move which will not enable anyone to take or catch the move on spot , advance positions in the same is required and will only give very huge returns in very short time
Technically now the zones have turned parabolic and expect violent moves in trinity zones for the coming sessions with macro and micro factors on head
We also head for an important domestic event, along with many global events on swings
The supports and resistances for the index can be seen at 39.8 % and 61.8% retractable levels on 30 , 60 and 72 dema as the macd stays above 45 and the continuous rise of pcr stays above 1.21
Coming to commodities markets we may see positive bias in bullions , base metals and energy

Huge surprise ahead...
Adventures ahead...

Finest times for index and options traders to make themselves happy and satisfied in very short term

Monday, June 4, 2018

morning thoughts...

It has been a majestic and magnificent may series with tonnss of points in nifty and bank nifty
Above 1500 in nifty and 5000 points in bank nifty has been made with index options alone giving 1000 in nifty and 2500 in bank nifty making nifty total to 2500 and bank nifty 7500 points

Our last index option itself has blasted like a hydrogen bomb 
Hdfc bank 2100 ca 20 lots at 0.30 has gifted and showered tonnsssss of profits as it moves to 20 frpm 0.30 
Same results was seen in m&m

Now we gear up for june which will be much more bigger , magnificent and glorious 

Nifty and bank nifty will surprise very hardly and suddenly
Opportunity for a 700+ nifty and 2800+ bank nifty points

A bunch of options are super ready for moves like hdfc 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

morning thoughts...

Now we are into fo expiry and as intimated and pre advance information of our index targets will see jump today and our long positions in index and options will give monsoon rain wealth
Technically our logical and fundamental targets remains same
Enjoy the bilateral targets mentioned

Mega move and opportunity again for index in june series

Options will create block buster moves both in index and stocks

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

morning thoughts...

Now we are near to expiry , along with global cues will keep the markets very volatile and jittery yet providing flawless oppurtunities in both index and options
Technically the markets have seen a good rally from the lows made after political votes and we have accurately made wealth on both sides with nifty giving above 500 points and bank nifty 3000 points
Most of our call options have yielded returns in between 8-12 times between this period
On the lower side nifty has intermediate supports at around 10470 and bank nifty at 25800 whereas supply and resistance will be met around 10700 and 26500 respectively
We believe that the coming session will be volatile but it would be like a blessing in disguise with many oppurtunities for creating small positions in out of money options and index at lower levels for a small pull back , however one needs to be very quick in profit booking as two side movement is not ruled out
On the derivatives front the pcr stands inflated at 1.10 with rsi above 47 and bollinger band parallel to june series
There stands multiple call writers at 10600 , 10700 and 10900 with a skip at 10800 with put writers at lesser spread
So one must make most use of the oppurtunity as volatility is traders best friend
Commodities are providing safe heaven in terms of trading this days and same will continue in bullions , base metals and energy

Exciting and dynamic june series ahead...
We had informed about the dramatic may in april end , now along with monsoon , june will be oppurtunity for wealth monsoon in index , options

Monday, May 28, 2018

morning thoughts...

Hope all enjoyed our pre intimated fall in index which gave above 300 points in nifty and 1500 in bank nifty in 5 days and timely booking of same and taking long positions.
This is perfect exit and entry for maximum gains in nifty , bank nifty , options , futures

Get ready for the magestic opportunity in nifty , bank nifty and options immediate profits on way

Thursday, May 24, 2018

morning thoughts...

The markets remained volatile and the same pattern is likely to continue in the coming session
Yesterday we had mentioned about weakness in metal stocks and all of them cracked , now the markets may be supported by selective buying in IT stocks which looks strong
Amongst all volatility a mind boggling day for options and index in terms of gains

Stocks to watch

Buy jet air 380 pa
Buy tata motors 300 pa
Sell pc jewellers
Buy gold , silver 
Sell crude , copper , alm

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

morning thoughts...

The markets yet again traded in the same pattern as illustrated and the coming session is likely to be volatile with stock specific activities
Technically the markets will take time to consolidate before it shows the big move which we have indicated and are in for positions
There has been addition of 1.25 lac shares is oi at 10700 and 10900 calls whereas put writers and call writers for strike 9800 remains at parabolic levels
Now the markets are such that stocks will see sudden rise but as compared to options which may not show equal moves in those stocks which are heavy on oi and reverse rsi , such stock was dlf , bajaj fin which rose in fo but no action was witnessed in options segment and we got stopped out on the same
We picked up drl and star which has done equally well in options and futures segment , index we continue to hold our existing positions with addition of new for dual index moves , index options have been booked in 10-15 times as we near expiry so the premium may get dented

A high magnitude and unexpected level of index is to be seen in coming months

7800 or 12500...?

Registrations open for convert series and operator options

Stocks to watch

Buy cipla 560 ca
Buy sbi 260 ca , star 400 ca
Futures buy Pc jewellers
Sell gold , silver
Buy crude , lead , copper

Monday, May 21, 2018

morning thoughts...

We have accurately taken and made above 1500 points in bank nifty and 450 in nifty in 5 days with put options yielding 5 times returns



Friday, May 18, 2018

morning thoughts...

Once again the markets continued to trade side ways and range bound with pressure on indices and activities in midcaps , our timely shorts in advance nifty and bank nifty and put options of the same has done extremelly well.
Now will the markets slide more , more steeply or will give a bounce back , we are already in with the positions in index and options
Now we put in some datas of the year with similarity to 2008 where the success of ipos have been around 90k crore of fund raising from the primary market which has doubled from the year 2008
The current PE ratio of the Nifty is 25. It has been found that whenever the Nifty PE ratio went beyond 22, its three-year returns turn negative, and while investing the further you go up on the PE scale the greater is the damage. Historically, the index generates substantial 3-year returns ranging from 21.18% (PE 20 – 22) to 152.10% when it is less than 14. Thus, to generate positive returns, the PE should fall further by 12 – 20% from the current levels. This means that even if earnings were to grow from here it won’t translate into higher stock prices
The previous years of steep and mega falls were associated with scams and this year is also associated with a big financial scam and drop out
So can it be seen that nifty will retrace to 3 years low to retest  7750 in a steep manner with bank nifty retesting 16777 in coming months
Will the pe continue to gain along with markets and nifty strike 12500 with bank nifty 35000
The picture is clear and once again we have taken mega positions for dual phase nifty and bank nifty
Ist phase is intermediate positions for the volatility and nominal moves and the 2nd phase position is for the mega move bound to come...
It will open huge doors for options in index and stocks and can be seen as the best period and year for options as unexpected moves will come in same
Volatility will be at peak so small stoplosses will be flirted with in both cases even if the call direction is correct, we have been upbeat on stocks like jindal steel , tata steel , hexaware in our jackpot series for a good move , however the markets have not supported yet after the initial rise , however the art of managing it with volatile moves will give unexpected returns

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

morning thoughts...

As said and intimated index moving to our targets , now will it reverse or slide more...
Same in options and futures
The sharp and steep move taken and informed in advance

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

morning thoughts...

Countdown begins for the move in nifty , bank nifty , futures and options
Our advance nifty and bank nifty given on friday and hold zooms
Futures jackpot tata global sell call hits jackpot cracks 25 rs
R2r sun tv 960 ca at 3.95 for targets 45 and 60 zooms to targets gets bookd at 41 creating profits above 2 lacs

Our jackpot picks mentioned yesterday in tata steel and jindal steel starts momentum

Monday, May 14, 2018

morning thoughts...

The great move and opportunity in nifty bank nifty , dual nifty is ahead...
Very precious opportunity lays in options looking to convert into 500-1000%
Futures will see very steep and sudden moves
Commodities will stay positive
We are upbeat on steel sector and jindal steel and tata steel is our pick for few days in jackpot series, few other stocks where positions have been initiated 

Friday, May 11, 2018

morning thoughts...




Wednesday, May 9, 2018

morning thoughts...

The markets behaved and traded near to our logical targets and india vix moved to 14 with max put oi at 10500 with writers at 10600 and parallel to call oi at 11000
Technically the supports for the nifty is at 10650 with resistance viable at 10800 , bank nifty finds supports at 25690 and resistances at 26200
Now we are moving into an important event so a consolidated phase is likely with individual stock moves and sudden move in index and stocks anytime
Commodity markets looks subdued with buy on dips in bullions , base metals and energy

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

morning thoughts...

Well the markets achieved our logical targets on index and now some volatile sessions are seen ahead
The supports and resistances for the markets remains the same

Monday, May 7, 2018

morning thoughts...

We intimidated about the parabolic change and the markets panned out in exact manner as illustrated and the coming session is likely to be volatile and positive with nifty attempting 10700 and bank nifty 25800
Amongst the stocks good buildup is see in derivatives segment in steel , auto and selected bank stocks and they may out perform in the coming sessions with weakness in pharma stocks
On daily and weekly charts a top out pattern with dispersed candle is immersed on pharma basics and they may see steep fall in the coming sessions with sell and weakness in lupin , drl , wockpharma , sun pharma etc - its viable to sell them in futures or buy put options of the same for good gains
Alternatively stocks like tata steel , jindal steel , jet airways , pc jewellers , hul , axis bank , icici bank looks good for longs and options, since some of them might be in fo ban so buying in cash is advisable
We have similarly picked pc jewellers last week at 98 which has given above 100% returns in 5 days
Commodity markets tends to be volatile and subdued trades are likely in bullions , basemetals and energy

Stocks to watch

Buy nifty and bank nifty
Buy jindal steel 250 ca
Buy wockpharma 720 pa
Fo buy hindalco , hind zinc
Cash buy pc jewellers , bombay dyeing , intellect
Sell gold , silver
Buy crude , copper , zinc , alm , lead

Friday, May 4, 2018

morning thoughts...

We have been continously intimating about the change of parabolic graph and the basket trades emerging in the markets with index staying in a range and stocks witnessing steep correction
The same pattern is likely to continue in the coming sessions with a trap as the stock which falls may fall more and certain stocks will be a mega oppurtunity on dips along with out of money options
Off late there has been much activity with above 1 lac addition of call writers and equal put writers on nifty and bank nifty with thrushing increment in pcr of stocks which indicates wild swings 
Sectors like IT , autos , ancilliary may witness pressure in the coming session with buying interest in selected banks , metals , pharma , fmgc 
The markets are liable to give ample oppurtunities in the volatile session and one may grab it
On the lower side 25490 will act as supports for bank nifty and 10550 for nifty with resistances at 25900 and 10750 respectively
Commodity markets looks positive with buy on dips in bullions , base metals and energy

Stocks to watch

Buy nifty and bank nifty on dips
Buy niit tech 1000 pa
Buy just dial 400 ca
Futures buy jet airways ,, indigo , escorts
Buy gold , silver , crude