Friday, August 11, 2017

morning thoughts...

Just after our intimation of deception and cracks in stocks , markets have obliged and many a stock are subliming and cracking
Our pre intimated rise in steel sector continues to maintain strength in falling markets.
Technically the markets will follow the adverse peripheral theory and is ready for sharp yet deceptive moves
Same will be witnessed in stocks
As said the strength was visible in bullions , base metals and energy

A very very sharp move , deceptive move above 800 points in nifty and 4500 in bank nifty can be witnessed soon

Mega opportunity in futures and options , just after our intimation of crack , stocks have sublimed and options have manifold 5-10 times

Now be very ready to reap profits in 

Fii option at 3 for targets 20++
Rdx option at 4.75 for targets 25++
Operator option at 2.90 for targets 15++
Sure shot jackpot option at 5 for targets 50++ in August
Double bumper option T at 4.65 for targets 10++
Futures ready for 15-20% sharp moves

Take positions at 9:15 am sharp

Missed bus and rally for nifty 10000 , now catch train for 10800 or 9000..?